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My struggle with quantity over quality, reflected in creating content for the web and using PHP for WordPress

I have had this website for a few years now, but I have only a few articles up. As a programmer/developer/software engineer / etc., I always felt that I would need a website for myself. I built many applications and websites for other companies, but I never took the time and effort to build something […]

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My WordPress Development Environment on M1 Mac / Apple Silicon (using docker)

How to set up a WordPress development environment on Apple Silicon, using Docker, that is easy to set up and maintain? Read more …

Software Development

A simple way to add copyright notice to your website’s footer that you never have to update again

As I had to add a copyright notice to my WordPress website I wondered how should I automate it in a way that I never have to worry about again. It is a really simple task, but still, since I was going to add it as an html widget I didn’t want to break the […]