I started my studies in 2010 at the University of Debrecen and started working professionally in 2012. Since then, with over a decade of experience I have built solutions and automations for many business problems, using PHP, .NET C# and NodeJS for backend and the four major front-end libraries: starting with jQuery, then Angular, Vue and React. For data stores, I have experience with SQL and No-SQL (Document DBs) as well.

Regarding architectures, I started writing Monolith applications, then I transitioned into Domain Driven Design, and now designing Microservice Application, whichever fits the problem and the company better.

With Microservice Architecture learning Docker and Kubernetes became essential to package and deploy applications on different platforms, like Azure (my mostly used), AWS and many others. That is the area where I am training myself lately. Occasionally I also had to write Terraform code, to automate the dev, test, and prod environment deployment, where the apps could run in a consistent infrastructure. I am consistently educating myself to keep up with needed technologies and new application design recommendations. I am also playing with different technologies as my time allows.