Programmers are writers, dreamers with creating power

Dear reader. You might know me as a software developer, a programmer. You might know me as someone sitting in front of a computer and making alien things for you. But, inside, all programmers, we are writers.

We might not write fiction the same way that book authors write them, but we might write fiction the way you can enjoy them through your computer, your phone, your smartwatch, whatever you choose to interact with our writing.

We write in steps; we write in logic. We write, in consequences. We write the future, and most certainly, we are good friends of bugs. We write them a lot. A lot more we would like.

But also, some of us write in human. We love fiction. We love communication. We write stories. Although usually break them apart into tasks. We write big epics. Oh, with so much drama, you would not believe it. That is where the great stories come from.

We write about the wishes of other people. We collaborate with many people, taking ideas and mashing those ideas into one such final peace that the dreamer of that great drama could enjoy. Those epics come from above. Most of the time, we do not know them. They talk; they do not write. But they do not speak to us, program writers. But their message reaches us. So we can expand on their dreams. Until we write so much, even machines can understand them.

And when machines can understand them, it is when you can enjoy them. Because what we write becomes magical. It becomes interactive, visual, and auditive. Sometimes even haptic and sensitive. Sometimes what we write moves bodies, and you would believe those ideas become moving creatures in our reality. You might call them robots. But believe me, those creatures are all just great epics, stories, and written text since writers created them. They are ideas. Ideas wrote with such detail that they became a reality. They talk; they move. Our writing can become alive; sometimes, they can continue writing themselves.

That is how much we are writers. Programmers, engineers, testers, business analysts all collaborate on the same stories.

We are writers, dreamers with creating power. 🙂

By Botond Bertalan

I love programming and architecting code that solves real business problems and gives value for the end-user.

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